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Everett Spruill was born in Birmingham, Alabama 1954. Earned a degree in Business Management from Berea College, Kentucky 1976. As a youth Everett spent many afternoons at the Birmingham Museum of Art. The museum and his early exposure to classical music would prove to have a great influence on his artistic development. "Mom worked at A.G. Gastons' Lounge in the afternoon, and wait for her at the Museum until she got off.The Museum was my refuge and fueled my love for art. I really enjoy working with my hands, drawing and wood working projects were part of our Industrial Education during the 60s. I also had an ear for music so mom insisted I have voice and piano lessons".
For more than 30 years Everett has been involved in collecting and creating works of art. He currently conducts art workshops for Central Florida youth through his non-profit foundation and is former owner of The Ethnic Art Gallery, Orlando, Florida.
Everett advocates the necessity of art to enrich our lives and firmly believes the arts help us all become well-rounded and constructive individuals. Everett is most known for his early collages and works on paper, notably, the "Old School Jazz and Blues Series", which feature colorful images of the fathers and legends of our own American art form known as Jazz. After graduating from Berea College and working as a Hotel Manager until 1989, Everett began his career as a full time professional artist. Everetts art is influenced by American Artists Arthur Rayford, Romare Bearden, Jacob Lawrence, Elizabeth Catlett, Charles White and Frank Stella to name a few.

Everetts' art explores his personal world of contemporary aesthetics and culture. He creates a dialogue with the viewers of his ethnically inspired images using his own mixed media visual language. Spruill communicates his unique artistic language through the use of intense color and rich surface textures. The image is further enhanced with African inspired patterns, and hand written social commentary to further communicate with the viewer.
Paint, photos, various types of hand-made paper, layers of glazes, watercolor, pen and ink, pastel and charcoal, to name a few, are Everetts tools for conversing with the viewer. Extensive use of spray painted-hand cut stencils, African textiles, shells, found objects and Adinkra symbols further enhance his visual language.
These elements transform the pictorial image into a work of art that has true meaning and transforms the canvas into a rich opulent surface that invites the viewer to take a closer look.
Spruill, also an innovative print-maker, transforms his original mixed media collages into unique original graphics using a process he invented using elements of serigraphy and graffiti.
Everett accepts both public and private commissions and his work is in corporate, private and Public Art collections worldwide.

I work in three styles and use a variety of found objects, including, but not limited to, shells, magazine pages, tissue, postage stamps, various paint mediums, photographs, cut and torn hand-painted paper, air-brushed hand-cut silk-screens and drawings. Themes for my creations range from Family, Music (Jazz and Blues), West African Culture and my own experiences as an African-American.

As a self-taught artist my techniques are the result of extensive experimentation. Harmony and contrast are the most important qualities I want to convey. My abstract works feature three ongoing series that I call intuitive Creations. Mindscapes, Tribal Rhythms and Middle Passages Series. are created mainly by letting go of conscience thought, relying more on intuition, instinct. Since the steps are intuitive and emotional rather than cognitive, The exact processes are not easy to repeat, the end result is always different....but aesthetically better.
Permanence and longevity of the work are my major concern, every effort is taken to best preserve and protect the works by using archival pigments (non-toxic) and substrates free of materials that shorten the life of the art.


Art Collector by Everett Spruill


Art Collector by Everett Spruill


Collectors by Everett Spruill


Joy in Repetition by Everett Spruill


AFROCOPIA by Everett Spruill


Blue Bamboo Poster #2 by Everett Spruill


Art Collector by Everett Spruill


Art Collector by Everett Spruill


Blue Bamboo Poster by Everett Spruill


Still Life with Fruit and Wine #303 by Everett Spruill


Still Life with Fruit and Wine #301 by Everett Spruill


SOLD by Everett Spruill


SOLD by Everett Spruill


SOLD - by Everett Spruill


Still Life with Fruit and Wine #305 by Everett Spruill


Still Life with Fruit and Wine #300 by Everett Spruill


Lifespace Exhibition Poster by Everett Spruill


Jimi Hendrix by Everett Spruill


Modern Jazz Quintet Side b by Everett Spruill


Modern Jazz Quintet Side A by Everett Spruill


Jazzy Room Divider x 2 by Everett Spruill


Tribal Dancer by Everett Spruill


True to our Native Land Exhibition Poster by Everett Spruill


Moon Over Orlando by Everett Spruill


Add value to your collection with Original Art by Everett Spruill


The Art of Love by Everett Spruill


The Art of Jazz by Everett Spruill


Rhythmic Improvisations - The Art of Jazz by Everett Spruill


Romare Bearden by Everett Spruill


Henry Thezume by Everett Spruill


Ramon Dilly by Everett Spruill


Carmen by Marc Chagall by Everett Spruill


Yaacov Agam by Everett Spruill


Antelope Mask by Everett Spruill


Dan Mask by Everett Spruill


Nigerian Maiden Mask by Everett Spruill


Songe Mask by Everett Spruill


Punu Mask by Everett Spruill


Fang Tribal Fetish Sculpture by Everett Spruill


Baule Tribal Mask by Everett Spruill


Ancestral Guardian by Everett Spruill


Dan Mask Ivory Coast by Everett Spruill


Senufo Mask by Everett Spruill


Basonge Fetish by Everett Spruill


West African Mask by Everett Spruill


A Few days in Paris by Everett Spruill


Everett's exhibition at the O'keeffe Center for Creative Education 2016 by Everett Spruill


Orlando Black History Awards 2016 by Everett Spruill